Following Daniel’s cancer diagnosis, I wanted to help him express his feelings. He wanted to make a video; so we did. He wanted to ask for healing prayers, so he did. As his father when I watch this video that he made a year ago…it still brings me to tears. When I say I learned a lot from him, I mean it! I have! So much of what I have learned has helped me journey more peacefully and more lovingly through life.

Because of my experience with Daniel, I now understand the challenges that so many people face. And I don’t mean only the challenges of raising a special needs son or daughter, I mean the problems that come in so many forms. My experience with Daniel has added meaning to the words “Judge less, Listen More, Love More.” My experience with Daniel has added meaning to that old axiom “Don’t judge another until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” If we could be more like Daniel, judge less and love more, if we could live that axiom rather than merely quote it…I believe we might find ourselves living in a better world…Daniel’s world.   

Because both Daniel and I had cancer at the same time, we decided to form Team D & D.  Thankfully; Daniel is cured, which is a huge relief for our whole family. Me, well I was told that I am not curable.  We’ll see!